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Happy Akurokushi Day

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tough day [x]


Characters That Constantly Break My Heart | Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2)

"You see, Axel’s no longer acting in our best interest."
"Like I care."

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why the frick does sheik’s gender matter??? either way sheik is hot????

tru dat

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I recently made this gifset in all good fun, but this scene really fucked me up when I thought about it more because it made me realize that Terra is one of the kindest, genuine, most amazing characters from the series and here’s why.

When Terra first enters the Enchanted Dominion he encounters Maleficent, who (as everyone who has played the previous games knows) is really bad news. Terra however walks up to her and gently upholds a conversation with her on the bridge. Of course the first reaction everyone had was “but why would he do that, Maleficent looks incredibly suspicious to begin with,”, it’s because Terra does not have prejudices towards anyone he meets, even if they have darkness in their hearts.

From training under Master Eraqus, Terra has learned that the darkness is evil and needs to be exterminated. Terra, who has his own darkness inside of him, thus already feels quite uneasy as he holds what he has been taught is the most vile of things. However, despite this, Terra is still a genuinely good person who is always ready to help anyone in need. Having darkness in your heart does not equal being a bad person. That is what Terra believes, thus when he meets Maleficent, he does not have any sort of prejudice towards her in their conversation. Even though Terra can sense the darkness in Maleficent’s heart, he believes she can still be a good person despite this.

Terra is perhaps a bit naive but he is hardly dumb and is just a really kindhearted soul who doesn’t wish to prejudice people. that’s it okay let me just go cry now